I’m Anna, owner and photographer of Anna Dobrenski Photography.

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anna dobrenski Thanks for stopping by to see the latest news and sessions from the studio!  I specialize in lifestyle portraits for modern families in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’d love to help you document your family by creating photographic art for you to enjoy for many years to come.  I can be reached on my personal cell if you’d like to discuss availability and pricing 415. 518.8880.  I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Children’s Health Council Glitter and Glue

by Anna Dobrenski

San Francisco family photography provides many opportunities to document families and children over the course of the year. I focus on providing value and service to the families in the community that commission me. It is important to me also to give back any way I can to help others.

When asked to become a Children’s Health Council Dot as their preferred photographer, I did not take the position lightly. It’s important that my contributions are making an impact. I carefully choose a few philanthropic partners that align with my business and personal mission statement. Here’s a description from the Children’s Health Council website. “At CHILDREN’S HEALTH COUNCIL we’ve been helping children and families for over 60 years believing there is a world of promise and potential in every child. Using a personalized approach, we help children and teens become happier, more resilient and more successful. Our Center, two schools and Community Clinic serve families in the Silicon Valley as well as the greater San Francisco Bay Area.”

The first event 2014 produced by the Children’s Health Council Dots was Glitter and Glue, named after Kelly Corrigan’s new book. Kelly Corrigan is the New York Times best selling author of The Middle Place and Lift. If you have not had the pleasure of reading Kelly’s books you are in for a real treat. Her books have this magical way of making you drop everything you are doing to join in her journey, following stories of personal experience and reflection. Her writing style is just as she is in person, warm and casual. You will most likely laugh out loud, cry streams of salty tears and sigh with a deep yearning for more once you finish the last page. I finished The Middle Place in one sitting. I’m confident Glitter and Glue will be just as captivating. I’m bringing it to my book club next month since we are all mothers who enjoy books and conversation.

Here’s a sneak peek from the inside cover of Glitter and Glue. “When Kelly Corrigan was in high school, her mother neatly summarized the family dynamic as ‘Your father’s the glitter but I’m the glue.’ This book is about the difference between travel and life experience, stepping out and stepping up, fathers and mothers. But mostly it’s about whom you admire and why, and how that changes over time.”

The event drew a crowd of close to 350 women. It was great to see the shared laughs, knowing glances and touched hearts during Kelly’s talk. What an amazing sense of community!

author kelly corrigan photographed by anna dobrenski, san francisco family photography

author kelly corrigan photographed in menlo park by anna dobrenski, san francisco family photography

woman laughing during a menlo park event by anna dobrenski


menlo park event photographed by anna dobrenski photography

san francisco family photography

menlo park family photographer

san francisco family photographer

san francisco family portraits

san francisco family photography

children's health council event

san francisco family photography

author kelly corrigan photographed by anna dobrenski

author kelly corrigan at book signing photographed by anna dobrenski

If you attended the event and would like to view, share or purchase prints from the gallery log onto my storefront HERE. San Francisco family photography is my specialty. I would love to get to know your family and capture the joy and love that you share. Contact me for more information at 415. 518. 8880.


Menlo Park Children and Family Photographer

One of my favorite parts of being a Menlo Park Children and Family Photographer is capturing beautiful memories for the families that commission me. I feel super excited when they like the images and experiences I provide so much they return again. I love watching little children grow up!

I was fortunate to photography Baby Kate last year when she was a newborn. She is the fourth child in her family but the first girl so there is always lots of pink involved with her photo sessions. Yay, team pink! She is one happy girl, always smiling and content. Kate is adored by her three big brothers as well as her loving mom and dad. Lucky girl!

You can see her last session HERE.

mom with six month old daughter during a menlo park family photo session

mom holding daughter in the air during a menlo park family session


baby girl looking down out of crib by Anna Dobrenski, Menlo Park Family Photographer

baby girl peeking over top of crib during a menlo park family photo session

baby in antique crib during a menlo park family session

baby's feet captured by Anna Dobrenski, Menlo Park Family photographer

6 month old baby crawling towards camera during menlo park family session

dad kissing baby lying down during a menlo park family session

dad looking at baby lying down during menlo park family session

It’s always amazing to me how quickly little ones grow. If you or someone you know is looking for a Menlo Park children and family photographer I’m your gal. I specialize in children and families so I am experienced in capturing children of all ages. I can be reached at 415. 518. 8880 or via email anna@annadobrenski.com. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the experience with you!

Palo Alto Family Portrait Session

This recent Palo Alto Family Portrait Session took place at a very lush park. We started first thing on a Saturday morning. It’s great to get all the family members while they are fresh. For me, coffee was key. While my kids wake me up early most mornings I am definitely not a morning person and need a little boost.

This family was so lovely I did not need help enjoying myself during their photo session. The three year old was so charming, curious and independent. I found myself following him around the park. Up and down the play structure, around the swings, riding on his dad’s back and hugging his grandmother. So. much. fun! I adore three year olds! They are so fascinating to me. My favorite image is the one of him sitting with his knees touching and legs splayed out to the sides. I wish I was still that flexible!

boy and mom hugging in a green grass park with big trees during a palo alto family portrait session

three year old boy with family during a palo alto family portrait session

dad tossing son in the air during a palo alto family portrait session

family of three sitting on a blanket in a palo alto park during their family portrait session

palo alto family portrait session

three year old boy playing on a play structure during a palo alto family portrait session

young boy sitting with knees together in palo alto during a family portrait session

family walking with parents swinging son by hands during a palo alto family portrait session
If you are interested in an on location family portrait session in Palo Alto or anywhere between San Francisco and San Jose I’d love to speak with you. We can collaborate to find the best location to suit your family to capture memories and tell your story. I can be reached at 415. 518. 8880 or anna@annadobrenski.com.

Cherish This Day | San Francisco Children’s Photographer

As a San Francisco Children’s Photographer, it’s rare that I head out of the house without my camera in tow. Trips with my family always include lots of time for taking photos to preserve memories.

boy tubing in snow by San Francisco Children's Photographer

The snow was falling, it was cold and wet but it was not stopping us from our annual tradition of tubing during our visit to Jackson, Wyoming last week. After spending the morning snowmobiling looking for animals we wanted a little more snow fun. We warmed up at lunch then headed over to the tubing park. It was so great to see my kids enjoying the thrills of speed in a tube. Different from other activities where you have some control, with tubing you are at mercy to the tube and the mountain. I think the unpredictability and out of control feelings add to the excitement of tubing. Something that rarely happens these days where we simply trust. Giving in to the loss of control. I know as an adult this can sometimes be a challenge. I believe for children this comes easier. They have less fear, less to lose, less experiences that have been painful that make them shy away from the sensation of being out of control. This photo is my son Miles, almost 9 years old taking in every minute of his tube ride. Pure bliss.

The Cherish This Day blog has lots of great submissions this week. Head over to the blog to check out the talent from other lifestyle photographers HERE.

If you’ve been dreaming of booking a lifestyle session with your family, I’d be thrilled to have a consultation with you to tell you more about the experience. Please contact me at 415. 518. 8880 to arrange a time to meet.I am a San Francisco Children’s Photographer located in Portola Valley. I travel the Bay Area between San Francisco and San Jose to document memories for families.


San Francisco Lifestyle Photo Session

girl drawing on glass shower door during a san francisco lifestyle photo session

This San Francisco Lifestyle Photo Session highlights the simple beauty in everyday moments with children. As part of the Cherish This Day blog, a group of lifestyle photographers submit favorite images of their sessions. I talk about this project quite a bit as it has really kept me challenged to try new and different things with my photography. Always a good idea!It also has helped me to open my eyes to the beauty within my home. My children! I’ve enjoyed watching their daily routine from playing basketball in the rain to cooking dinner through my lens.

To see the submissions from the other crazy talented photographers go to the CHERISH THIS DAY BLOG.

I adore this image of my daughter Morgan. She is a prolific artist. Her creativity creeps into everything she does. Morgan takes delight in drawing ALL over the glass shower door during her bath/shower. It’s actually become one of my favorite parts of taking a shower when the steam fills the shower I feel like I’m in my own private art gallery. Then it disappears almost as fast as it presented itself. On this particular day I caught her in the act and luckily she quickly forgot I was there with my camera so I was able to capture some images without her being aware.

I encourage you to stop and take notice of the little things. Our children are so entertaining and amazing. Put down your phone or iPad and just observe. If you get inspired…pick up your camera.

If you are interested in a San Francisco Lifestyle Photo Session of your children or family, please get in touch. I can be reached at 415. 518. 8880 or at anna@annadobrenski.com.


Beloved Session Giveaway!

couple kissing girl wearing cowboy hat in a field for their beloved session
“A successful relationship requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” Unknown

Whether you’ve been dating for a few years, married for sixty, or somewhere in between, you have long term love that should be celebrated! I’m super excited to share this Valentine Beloved session giveaway with my friends and fans!

Beloved sessions are being incorporated into all my solo, children and family sessions but I thought it would be fun to offer one up just for couples!

Beloved sessions are a unique, feel good experience that will warm your heart and touch your soul. And, I’ll just happen to be there documenting the natural play and expressions with my camera. It truly is a gift to enjoy a Beloved session with the most special person in your life. Head on over to my FACEBOOK PAGE then “like” and comment to be entered to win. The Beloved session giveaway winner will be announced after selection tomorrow, February 14th, 2014 at 5pm.

Winner will receive a complimentary Beloved session for a couple (sorry, no children) lasting 60-75 minutes at a location within 20 miles of zip code 94028. A pre-session consultation to design and plan your session is included. Within two weeks of the session completion, winner will receive an in-home Session Premiere to view and select products. A $300 product credit is included. Session must be completed prior to March 30th, 2014. A signed model release is required from winner(s).

What are you waiting for? Click on over and enter to win! You can also tag friends and family you think might want to enter also.

Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a Beloved session for you and your loved one(s). I have limited session times available for spring and am booking through the end of 2014. I can be reached at 415.518.8880.

Joyful Family Photo Sessions

Joyful family photo sessions do not take a lot of effort or planning. When I meet with my clients for their pre-session consultation we talk about some ways to keep the session flowing. To ensure everyone is happy we keep it light and fun. I find most families play in the privacy of their homes but not necessarily in public. I encourage parents to be silly and play with their kids like no one is watching.

This family is special to me as they are my friends. I’m lucky to have known these children since they were small. They had such delight chasing each other and playing with the balloons. They even did the chicken dance in the field! Love these guys!

family having fun in field during photo session

family sitting under tree during their family portrait photo session

couple connecting during their beloved photo session

kids hanging in trees during their photo session in a field

children eavesdropping on parents during their family photo session

mom with kids and balloons during their family photography session

young girl running with balloons

family stacked together during their photo session

This year I continue to accept a limited number of commissions each month. If you would like to schedule a joyful family photo session please contact me early to get the perfect date. I can be contacted at 415. 518. 8880 to schedule or get more information. I would love to help you tell the story of your family!


Cherish This Day-Storytelling Photographer

boy reading a book in beautiful light by a storytelling photographer

As a storytelling photographer I get lots of opportunities to share the stories of the families that commission me. The personal project I chose to participate in last year, Cherish This Day, is continuing in 2014 with a new blog home and a Facebook page. I really adore the photographers in the group and it has kept me shooting for me. It’s helped me approach the way I interact with my subjects differently too. Being a storytelling photographer means you sometimes don’t interact at all, rather approach your subject in a photojournalistic way. Being a fly on the wall is not something I would consider myself good at. I’m working on this.

I adore taking photos of my children (and others) doing the things they love. People are happy doing the things they are passionate about. My son is a voracious reader. He curiosity seems to never be satiated. I think he gets lost in the stories and connects with the characters he’s reading about. Here he is pictured enjoying learning about modern architecture. He’s so much cooler than I was at 8 (or today).

If you are interested in telling the story of your children please contact me at 415. 518. 8880. I would love to help you create some visual history books for you and your children to enjoy the memories when they are older.

Cherish This Day-Children’s Photographer

boy jumping high in the air on a trampoline by a children's photographer

Wow, it’s really hard to think that we’ve just begun a new year already! The holidays whizzed by and it’s back to work. Over the holidays I was recalling some highlights of the year being a children’s photographer. There are so many reasons I am extremely blessed.

One of the reasons on my list is my involvement with a group of beautiful people who are super talented in the Cherish This Day project. This project continues to help me grow and challenge myself to push the boundaries and express my creativity.

The first installment of the Cherish This Day blog is up for 2014. I was trying to think of one of my favorite images from 2013 to share and found this image of my son Miles. His enthusiasm for the great outdoors never lets up. Especially when he can soar to new heights in the treetops of our backyard on the trampoline. It’s super fun to watch him challenge and push his body to the limits.

If you are interested in following the Cherish This Day blog please visit our blog at HERE. We also have a new Facebook page which can be found HERE.

2014 is going to be a terrific year of growth and exploration. I’m always up for new adventures if you are looking for a children’s photographer who is willing to do something out of the box, I’m your choice. You can reach me on my personal cell at 415. 518. 8880. I’d be thrilled to chat with you about your goals for capturing your family’s memories.


12 Feelings: San Francisco Portrait Photographer

This month’s feeling for the 12 Feelings Project is HOPE. This year long journey as a San Francisco portrait photographer has been a wonderful and challenging project for me. While I always love black and white photography, I don’t think of myself as having images that shine in black in white. I guess I’m really a color kind of girl. Having the constraints of shooting in black in white for this assignment has helped me grow through the use of a monochromatic vision.

That’s not the best part though. Considering emotions and feelings when approaching photography is something I usually strive to capture. The challenge was trying to bring up specific emotions (not always happy ones) was different for me. While I love authenticity, sometimes I was stretched to create and design something more to bring out the emotions of my subjects, in this case, my children.

My daughter Morgan is looking hopeful up at the Christmas tree. This time of year is so magical for children. It’s filled with festive gatherings, gingerbread house decorating, wrapping presents, adventures finding our wild elf Skippy, ice skating, caroling, gifting strangers, celebrating Jesus’ birth and lots of HOPE for what’s to come in 2014.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this project through the months, I have certainly enjoyed sharing it with you! I’m always so thankful for the audience : )

Please continue the circle to see what the fabulous Kristina Gorokhova created this month HERE.

san francisco portrait photograph

If you’d be interested in collaborating on a special photography project featuring your family please get in touch. I’d love to see how I can help you create photographic memories of your loved ones. Contact me by clicking one of the tabs below. 

BELOVED/ San Francisco Photographer

A while ago I promised I would tell you more about BELOVED. When I first met Jesh De Rox at a talk in June, I knew that BELOVED was the direction I wanted to take my photography. I was doing bits and pieces on my own but now I had direction and actual support for the technique. I was blown away by the impact BELOVED could have on my photography.

What is BELOVED you ask? It is an emerging style of photography that celebrates and emphasizes the importance of relationships in a unique way. It blends the beauty of portrait photography with the authenticity of photojournalism.

I’ve always wanted to show authenticity and real moments between people that I photograph. I used to say, “Why photograph people who look like they are happy? Why not photograph happy people?” This technique helps achieve natural expressions and interaction between people in love. It’s playful, it’s connection, it’s powerful, it’s deep, it’s understanding and it’s encompassed with love.

In June I did not hesitate at the opportunity to learn more about BELOVED through an online training course and signed up to attend the annual conference. After completing my training and doing a BELOVED session as part of the course requirement I was hooked. You can see my BELOVED session HERE. Seeing Morgan and Will so joyful and full of love was wonderful. It was a gift for them to take time to be together and I was lucky to be a part of their togetherness.

Here is the feedback Morgan posted on her Facebook feed after our session, “Just had the BEST engagement session with Anna Morgan Dobrenski!! Thank you- you made us feel so comfortable- made us laugh- and made us fall in love all over again. We can’t wait to see the pics! – feeling excited with Anna Morgan Dobrenski”

The conference in October was a whirlwind, it started with a 3/4 day of the BELOVED conference. There was an opportunity to apply for certification in front of live judges in a two part assessment: theory and practical. The theory was sharing my understanding of the technique. I felt really good about that part. The practical part was a photo shoot using the technique based on requirements from the judges. It was a bit of a wild ride, being thrown into a controlled situation with judges and an audience. Whew! I was relieved when it was over although I felt calm during the ten minutes I had with the volunteer model couple, fellow photographers and business partners, Angela and Drew. Here are a few favorites from my time with them.

beloved san francisco photographer

san francisco photographer

san francisco photographer

beloved san francisco photographer

Now that I am officially a certified BELOVED photographer I will be incorporating more of this technique into my photography and you’ll be hearing and seeing lots more about BELOVED. I will be expanding my offerings beyond children and families to include people with the ones they love, with or without children. I even hope to incorporate some of the ideas when I photograph individuals for profile photos. I truly would enjoy the opportunity to share this experience with my friends and clients. If you know someone celebrating an anniversary, long term relationship, engagement or simply wants to recognize someone they love, please contact me. I can be reached by phone at 415. 518. 8880.

Holiday Card Time!/ San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are soon approaching, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah collide this year and there are exactly forty days until Christmas. There’s no better time to get your holiday cards designed than now. What are you waiting for?

This year I am offering three awesome options for holiday cards:

1) Super easy, Luxe Custom Designed by yours personally. Contact me at anna@annadobrenski.com or 415. 518. 8880.

2) Minted designed cards. Visit my storefront at MINTED STORE..

3) Tiny Prints designed cards. Visit my storefront at TINY PRINTS STORE.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do make a commission on every sale made through my storefronts. I appreciate the support!

san francisco bay area family photographer

Here are a couple of discount codes for you. If you miss these and are ready to order, please contact me for current offers. I am happy to help!


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Offer includes all holiday cards (including holiday photo cards, Christmas photo cards, New Year photo cards, and petite holiday cards), as well as new Foil-Pressed holiday cards, ornament holiday cards, corporate holiday cards, Minibook™ holiday cards, Holiday postcards, Hanukkah cards, and Diwali cards. This promotion may not be combined with any other offer.

Tiny Prints:

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If you are looking to have custom photographs of your family please contact me for pricing and more information. I look forward to speaking with you about your family and how I can help you create photographic memories of your loved ones. I can be reached at 415. 518. 8880.

Thankful/ San Francisco Bay Area Portrait Photographer

The little steam train was puffing along slowly passing us. We waited for our turn to ride. Today my kids and I went to San Francisco for a day trip since there wasn’t any school for Veteran’s Day. It had been a challenging morning filled with whines and complaints from both of them. We were surrounded by strollers and children on leashes (yes, you read that right). Little ones who need their independence but aren’t quite safe enough to go it alone. It seemed as if there were people big and small every where we turned.

The weather was foggy as you’d expect by the ocean. It was San Francisco after all. The sun would pop out from the fog intermittently only to disappear again leaving a wet chill behind.

It dawned as me as we waited patiently to get to the front of the line how lucky I truly am. I encouraged my children to play a game while they waited. They didn’t skip a beat and began playing. As I watched their interaction I realized how thankful I am to be able to spend so much time with my kiddos. My chosen work is to parent first then run my photography business second. I’ve structured my client expectations so I can prioritize my precious time with my little ones. I feel super fortunate to be able to balance, although it feels more like circus juggling, my home and work life. Being a San Francisco Bay Area portrait photographer is a demanding and fulfilling job but nothing compares to the best job in the world, being a mom! I. AM. THANKFUL.

san francisco bay area portrait photographer

Please continue the circle to see what the fabulous Cris Stephens has created this month HERE.

If you are interested in creating family memories of your children with a San Francisco Bay Area portrait photographer, please contact me at 415. 518. 8880. I’d be delighted to chat with you about how I can help you.


New Love!/ Portola Valley Family Photographer

The Mexican feather grasses gently swayed in the breeze. The Willow tree seemed to call out for someone to dance under the canopy and swing on it’s branches. The afternoon sun was glistening, creating a halo of sweetness around each family member. And, there were smiles all around.

The delight of adding a new love to their family was felt in a strong way. Mom and Dad took turns holding and cuddling their first baby boy. Pure, joyful light could be seen in their eyes.

The big sisters were ecstatic to show off how they, too, could hold little brother. Adoringly they gazed at his tiny features. They giggled when he squirmed and made silly faces.

The first days with a newborn are so precious. It’s such an overwhelming experience to bring a new member into the family. It is filled with awe and discovery. Brought into the world with an abundance of love before it was ever know who he was or who he would become. It will be fun to see who this little guy turns out to be.



portola valley portrait photographer
annadobrenskiphotography-menloparkfamilyphotographer_0403 annadobrenskiphotography-menloparkfamilyphotographer_0410


portola valley family photographer

If you are looking to schedule a family photography session to capture memories of you and your loved ones in your home, please contact me via the links below. I would love the opportunity to speak with you about your family and your photography goals. I am based in Portola Valley and am willing to travel throughout the Peninsula including all areas between San Francisco and San Jose.


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