Adorable Saratoga Newborn

This sweet boy was just six days old when I photographed him! This adorable Saratoga newborn session was exciting for me since I photographed the family last year for the holidays when they were just three.

annadobrenskiphotography-menloparkfamilyphotographer_0477 adorable one week old baby boy photo session

Such a sweet little guy, he was quiet and peaceful for most of our session.

annadobrenskiphotography-menloparkfamilyphotographer_0484 annadobrenskiphotography-menloparkfamilyphotographer_0485

He did pop open his eyes to discover the unfamiliar voice talking and cooing at him.

annadobrenskiphotography-menloparkfamilyphotographer_0486 annadobrenskiphotography-menloparkfamilyphotographer_0487 Big sister decided to get in on the action too!  What a cutie pie!

annadobrenskiphotography-menloparkfamilyphotographer_0481 annadobrenskiphotography-menloparkfamilyphotographer_0483 adorable little girl in sunglasses in front of the mirror

If you are looking to have photographic art of your family to decorate your home please contact me to discuss custom photography.  I love doing in home photography sessions with growing families.  I can be reached at 415. 518. 8880 or by email  I look forward to chatting with you!


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