Beautiful Atherton At-Home Family Session

So much color and joy in this beautiful Atherton at-home family session! I really do enjoy photographing clients in their homes because they are far more relaxed and natural. Another fantastic benefit is being just a few steps away from your wardrobe, which makes outfit changes easy and painless, especially for the little ones. We started our session with a more formal look – pretty party dresses! – and then the girls changed into more casual clothes so they could run and twirl in the grass singing the theme song to Frozen. (What else? These are little girls after all.)

anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0680 anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0681 anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0682

The youngest daughter is a little performer, fearless and enthusiastic and, like in the photo below, she brings her more temperate-natured sister along with her for giggles.

anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0683 anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0690

The soft colors of this girl’s dress mirror the soft colors of the garden. She was a quiet beauty so I like how the colors in this image match her personality. anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0684

I simply adore natural, real expressions.  This photo above is a perfect example of an authentic moment with emotions to match. It’s important to me to show you and your family at your best. Natural expressions help everyone look photogenic. Plus, it’s way more fun than


Big sister is full of endearing hugs and gestures with dad.



Every time I look at this photo it makes me smile.  I can almost hear the belly laughs and giggles! anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0688

The girls had beautiful henna art on their hands from an event. I love capturing small details during my sessions.  To me, it’s all about the big picture, the small details and everything in between.

Anna Dobrenski Photography is a boutique studio specializing in lifestyle portraits for modern families.  If you are looking to capture heartfelt authentic images of your family in the Atherton Area, please contact me at 415. 518. 8880.

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