Menlo Park Photography Class!

Saturday, June 6th I co-hosted a photography class, Snap Happy, in Menlo Park. It was an item a fellow parent and I donated to the Las Lomitas Education Foundation. This is the third year I’ve gotten the chance to work with some moms from school to teach them some photography skills.  The goal of the class is to help them learn tips to improve their photography no matter what camera they own.  I also share some iPhone photography tips as well.

The class started with a delicious brunch and coffee, followed by a class presentation, demonstration, hands on learning along with Q & A. We raised over $1,100 for the morning and had a terrific time! Plus I got to photograph the attendees, bonus!

women with cameras during a menlo park photography class

head shots taken during a menlo park photography class

brunch during a menlo park photography classheadshots taken during a menlo park photography class

We talked a lot about what it feels like to be in front of the camera.  I think sometimes we forget how much direction and feedback people need to get comfortable while being photographed.  My preferred method is using the Beloved Technique to help people be their most photogenic. My style is natural, honest and authentic so it’s important that people look like themselves while showing real emotion.women taking photos during a photo class by anna dobrenski

Working together in pairs helped the attendees remind each other the new tips they learned.  There was lots of chimping to see how they did. Some even shared their “old way” of photographing a person versus the “new way” and the results were fantastic!

women taking photos during a snap happy photography class by anna dobrenski

Thankfully each attendee was willing to be photographed.  I feel it’s important to be on both sides of the camera to learn how to photograph people. You have to be willing to do what you ask of the person you’re photographing.attendees at a menlo park photography class

We ended the morning with a group photos.

[caption id="attachment_2122" align="aligncenter" width="980"]anna dobrenski during a photography class she teaches in menlo park                                      photo courtesy of christine arnould of me photographing some of the attendees[/caption]

If you are looking to improve your photography skills I offer one on one mentoring and small workshops for groups.  Please contact me if you are interested in learning more at 415. 518. 8880.

Anna Dobrenski Photography is a boutique studio offering lifestyle portraits for modern families. Areas serviced include San Francisco, Hillsborough, Woodside, Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and beyond.

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Snap Happy Workshop | Menlo Park Photography Class

Saturday I taught my third Snap Happy Workshop, a Menlo Park Photography Class to teach parents how to take better photos of their children. The class is designed to teach fundamental tools to improve their photography no matter what camera they own. I cover iPhone photo tips as well.  The class was co-hosted with my friends Wendy and Brian.


group of women at a photography workshop

The Snap Happy Workshop was donated to the 2014  Las Lomitas Auction which raises funds for the Las Lomitas Education Foundation. We had eight awesome moms sign up and attend the class, one was my co-host Wendy, pictured on the far right. Her husband Brian offered to help keep our models (their children Charlie and Betsy along with Miles) and resident dog Phoebe content while I taught the class.

sibling love during a menlo park photography workshop

There’s nothing like sibling love!  Betsy and Charlie made my demonstration of how to get natural expressions from children a breeze!

anna dobrenski photographer



menlo park photography workshop

Do you get frustrated trying to get images of your children in focus? Tired of bad lighting and expressions? If you’d be interested in attending or hosting your own Menlo Park Photography Class, please contact me to discuss details. I’d love to help more parents improve their photography skills with the Snap Happy Workshop! I can be reached at


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Photographing Children 101 Class/Snap Happy

[caption id="attachment_1139" align="aligncenter" width="700"]snap happy workshop photo courtesy of Kate Bartow[/caption]Last month I hosted my first Photographing Children 101 Class in Portola Valley. As a fundraiser for our local elementary school, Las Lomitas, I offered up seats for a Snap Happy workshop. The idea for the class was to teach parents ways to quickly improve their photography skills no matter what camera they use. Whether using an iPhone, point and shoot or DSLR camera, my goal was to teach basics of photographing children that they could apply anytime, anywhere with any camera.

Here are a few photos from the night. Each attendee got to apply the new techniques during a quick photo shoot. They also got their turn behind the camera when I photographed them for an updated profile photo.

photographing children 101 class

photographing children 101 class

photographing children 101 class

photographing children 101 class

Snap Happy is a great idea for playgroups! If you are interested in hosting a Snap Happy class in your home for your friends and family, your seat is complimentary. Please contact me for details. I can be reached at 415. 518. 8880


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