Menlo Park On Location Family Photography

Conducting Menlo Park on location family photography is always a fun experience. I usually like to consider the children’s ages when selecting locations outside of my client’s home. In this case the children were all under eight years old. I feel it’s key to think about how the children play and interact at their current age. Plush grass was a priority for this on location family photography session.

When I visited the children in their home during the planning consultation I noticed they were all playing on the floor. I figured it would be great to let them have that freedom to play during our session.

menlo park on location family photography session with backlight While this family of five lives in Menlo Park, we chose a nearby location in Portola Valley for their session. It met the requirement for grass but also had some interest and variety. The gorgeous light was something I’m always searching for during my sessions. girl looking down with backlight
I adore it when families play and have fun together. Even the challenge of walking in sync while holding hands brought lots of giggles from this family.
family walking holding hands during outdoor photo session dad playing with 3 year old daughter during menlo park family photo session
A big reason many parents commission me for their family portraits is so they can be in the images with their children.

I feel it’s important for children to be able to look back at their childhood memories through photos to jog their memory of family bonds. mom with daughter during family photo session girl playing peek a boo during menlo park family photo session Playing peek a boo is fun for any age child! mom with son during menlo park on location photo session three kids on a fence during menlo park on location family session couple in backlight during menlo park photo session

I’d love to help you design a Menlo Park on location family photography session to showcase your family’s authentic beauty and love! I serve the San Francisco Bay Area and can be reached at 415. 518. 8880.


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