Monterey Bay Lifestyle Family Session

When you have family spread in four separate Bay Area locations plus Denver, getting all your grandchildren together in one place can be rare. Which is why these grandparents wanted to make sure that they captured the moment, while celebrating their wedding anniversary with their children and grandchildren.

I love the beach and the sense of freedom it gives children.  Seascape Beach Resort was the perfect location for this Monterey Bay lifestyle family session. We goofed-around barefoot in the sand, ate smores and generally had a fabulous time together. My favorite images from this session are the ones of the kids running through the sand – they definitely kept me on my toes and on-the-move throughout!

Monterey Bay Lifestyle Family Reunion Session photo of grandparents on beach with grandchildren
Monterey Bay Lifestyle Family Session photo of grandparents looking lovingly at their youngest grandchild Monterey Bay Lifestyle Family Session photo of little girl posing on the beach Monterey Bay Lifestyle Family Session photo of little boy looking at his feet on the sand

The littlest granddaughter was such an angel. In just a few years she’ll be running on the sand with her cousins but for now she provided warm hugs for her mom on the sand.

anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0671 anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0672 anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0674 anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0675 anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0676

This is what getting together with your cousins is all about, running barefoot, laughing and playing carefree. I love the expressions of pure joy on their faces here.

anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0677 anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0678

Anna Dobrenski is a lifestyle portrait photographer serving the communities between San Jose and San Francisco.

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