Sisterly Love!/ Cherish This Day

These two lovely girls showed their sisterly love for each other on a recent afternoon in Portola Valley. Over the past few months you’ve hopefully seen me post about the Cherish This Day project where I’m lucky to be a contributing lifestyle photographer. What I love about this project is it really gets me thinking about not only the big picture and the small details, but everything in between. It’s those in between moments that are fleeting, the ones we most likely won’t remember twenty years down the road when our little ones aren’t so little anymore.

While I love photographing my own children, my work gives me the opportunity to photograph children of others. I find all children fascinating. They really all are so special. I enjoy watching them alone, with their parents, pets and especially with their siblings. When I saw these sisters having so much fun loving on each other I immediately thought it would be perfect to showcase in the Cherish This Day project. I hope their parents cherish this day and every day with their adorable little ones! Speaking of little ones, these sisters just brought home a new little brother. I’ll feature their session soon! Prepare yourself for cuteness…

sisterly love!

If you’re interested in a sisterly love! or brotherly love! session, please contact me to find out pricing and scheduling information. I can be reached by clicking the contact me button below. I look forward to speaking with you!


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