Beautiful Atherton At-Home Family Session

Beautiful Atherton At-Home Family Session

So much color and joy in this beautiful Atherton at-home family session! I really do enjoy photographing clients in their homes because they are far more relaxed and natural. Another fantastic benefit is being just a few steps away from your wardrobe, which makes outfit changes easy and painless, especially for the little ones. We started our session with a more formal look – pretty party dresses! – and then the girls changed into more casual clothes so they could run and twirl in the grass singing the theme song to Frozen. (What else? These are little girls after all.)

anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0680 anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0681 anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0682

The youngest daughter is a little performer, fearless and enthusiastic and, like in the photo below, she brings her more temperate-natured sister along with her for giggles.


The soft colors of this girl’s dress mirror the soft colors of the garden. She was a quiet beauty so I like how the colors in this image match her personality.anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0684

I simply adore natural, real expressions.  This photo above is a perfect example of an authentic moment with emotions to match. It’s important to me to show you and your family at your best. Natural expressions help everyone look photogenic. Plus, it’s way more fun than


Big sister is full of endearing hugs and gestures with dad.



Every time I look at this photo it makes me smile.  I can almost hear the belly laughs and giggles!anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0688

The girls had beautiful henna art on their hands from an event. I love capturing small details during my sessions.  To me, it’s all about the big picture, the small details and everything in between.

Anna Dobrenski Photography is a boutique studio specializing in lifestyle portraits for modern families.  If you are looking to capture heartfelt authentic images of your family in the Atherton Area, please contact me at 415. 518. 8880.

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San Francisco Twin Photography Session

 This San Francisco twin photography session was really fun because we were in the family home. My favorite thing about in home sessions is getting everyone on the bed for cuddles and play.

 I was so impressed with the calm, cool demeanor of these parents.  Nothing like when my kids were little, exhausted and overwhelmed, they made it look easy.
Twins are double the fun when it comes to photography.  It’s fun to see their differences and similarities.  My favorite part was watching this brother sister duo interact with each other.  They already seem to have such a strong bond.

twin 6 month old siblings during a san francisco bay area twin family session

mom with twins during a san francisco in home photography session

I always like to make mom the center of photos with her babies! It’s often moms that are taking photos of the kids so it’s nice when mom can be present and exist in photos.

mom and daughter on lap during a san francisco lifestyle session twins with parents on bed during a san francisco family photography session six month old boy during a san francisco family photography session

couple embracing during a san francisco beloved photography session

I approach all my sessions with an open heart.  I like to get to know my clients and become friends with them. It is super fun to see everyone relax in front of the camera.  The Beloved technique helps everyone become photogenic as they are showing natural expressions.

dad and daugher during san francisco family photography sessionfamily with twins on front porch during san francisco photography session

The front door photo is one I always try to capture during in home sessions. It is a special memory for families of their family at their home.

nursery photos from a san francisco twins photography sessionThis San Francisco twin photography session had a sweet ending with the babies taking their nap while I was there.

family of four with twins during a san francisco photography session

Authentic capture is something I strive for during in home sessions.  I tell clients they don’t need to worry about cleaning up and real life bottle caps, coffee cups, iPhones and lists are all part of their daily life that should be remembered.

Anna Dobrenski Photography is a boutique studio specializing in lifestyle portraits for modern families.  If you are looking to capture heartfelt authentic images of your family in the San Francisco Bay Area, please contact me at 415. 518. 8880.
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Menlo Park Photography Class!

Saturday, June 6th I co-hosted a photography class, Snap Happy, in Menlo Park. It was an item a fellow parent and I donated to the Las Lomitas Education Foundation. This is the third year I’ve gotten the chance to work with some moms from school to teach them some photography skills.  The goal of the class is to help them learn tips to improve their photography no matter what camera they own.  I also share some iPhone photography tips as well.

The class started with a delicious brunch and coffee, followed by a class presentation, demonstration, hands on learning along with Q & A. We raised over $1,100 for the morning and had a terrific time! Plus I got to photograph the attendees, bonus!

women with cameras during a menlo park photography class

head shots taken during a menlo park photography class

brunch during a menlo park photography classheadshots taken during a menlo park photography class

We talked a lot about what it feels like to be in front of the camera.  I think sometimes we forget how much direction and feedback people need to get comfortable while being photographed.  My preferred method is using the Beloved Technique to help people be their most photogenic. My style is natural, honest and authentic so it’s important that people look like themselves while showing real emotion.women taking photos during a photo class by anna dobrenski

Working together in pairs helped the attendees remind each other the new tips they learned.  There was lots of chimping to see how they did. Some even shared their “old way” of photographing a person versus the “new way” and the results were fantastic!

women taking photos during a snap happy photography class by anna dobrenski

Thankfully each attendee was willing to be photographed.  I feel it’s important to be on both sides of the camera to learn how to photograph people. You have to be willing to do what you ask of the person you’re photographing.attendees at a menlo park photography class

We ended the morning with a group photos.

[caption id="attachment_2122" align="aligncenter" width="980"]anna dobrenski during a photography class she teaches in menlo park                                      photo courtesy of christine arnould of me photographing some of the attendees[/caption]

If you are looking to improve your photography skills I offer one on one mentoring and small workshops for groups.  Please contact me if you are interested in learning more at 415. 518. 8880.

Anna Dobrenski Photography is a boutique studio offering lifestyle portraits for modern families. Areas serviced include San Francisco, Hillsborough, Woodside, Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and beyond.

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baby feet in mom's lap during a san francisco family sessionThese adorable baby toes are the highlight of this image.  During an in home San Francisco family portrait session there were lots of cute moments to capture.  What a perfect choice for the Cherish This Day blog contribution!

As part of  a talented group of photographers from all over the country, the collaborative project features beautiful everyday moments.  The blog can be seen at CHERISH THIS DAY.

If you are interested in booking an in home or outdoor San Francisco family portrait session, please contact me for details at 415. 518. 8880 or I’d love to help you showcase everyday beauty from your family!


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Featured: Pinhole Pro Magazine

It’s pretty awesome being recognized as a San Francisco Bay Area portrait photographer by a vendor magazine. One of my preferred suppliers is Pinhole Pro. Their photo notepads and art pads are fantastic gifts for my clients. Each month they feature pro photographers in their Behind The Studio article of their magazine. I was fortunate to be selected to be one of the featured photographers. You can check out the article HERE.
pro photographer feature
To see more of this article click HERE.

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BELOVED/ San Francisco Photographer

A while ago I promised I would tell you more about BELOVED. When I first met Jesh De Rox at a talk in June, I knew that BELOVED was the direction I wanted to take my photography. I was doing bits and pieces on my own but now I had direction and actual support for the technique. I was blown away by the impact BELOVED could have on my photography.

What is BELOVED you ask? It is an emerging style of photography that celebrates and emphasizes the importance of relationships in a unique way. It blends the beauty of portrait photography with the authenticity of photojournalism.

I’ve always wanted to show authenticity and real moments between people that I photograph. I used to say, “Why photograph people who look like they are happy? Why not photograph happy people?” This technique helps achieve natural expressions and interaction between people in love. It’s playful, it’s connection, it’s powerful, it’s deep, it’s understanding and it’s encompassed with love.

In June I did not hesitate at the opportunity to learn more about BELOVED through an online training course and signed up to attend the annual conference. After completing my training and doing a BELOVED session as part of the course requirement I was hooked. You can see my BELOVED session HERE. Seeing Morgan and Will so joyful and full of love was wonderful. It was a gift for them to take time to be together and I was lucky to be a part of their togetherness.

Here is the feedback Morgan posted on her Facebook feed after our session, “Just had the BEST engagement session with Anna Morgan Dobrenski!! Thank you- you made us feel so comfortable- made us laugh- and made us fall in love all over again. We can’t wait to see the pics! – feeling excited with Anna Morgan Dobrenski”

The conference in October was a whirlwind, it started with a 3/4 day of the BELOVED conference. There was an opportunity to apply for certification in front of live judges in a two part assessment: theory and practical. The theory was sharing my understanding of the technique. I felt really good about that part. The practical part was a photo shoot using the technique based on requirements from the judges. It was a bit of a wild ride, being thrown into a controlled situation with judges and an audience. Whew! I was relieved when it was over although I felt calm during the ten minutes I had with the volunteer model couple, fellow photographers and business partners, Angela and Drew. Here are a few favorites from my time with them.

beloved san francisco photographer

san francisco photographer

san francisco photographer

beloved san francisco photographer

Now that I am officially a certified BELOVED photographer I will be incorporating more of this technique into my photography and you’ll be hearing and seeing lots more about BELOVED. I will be expanding my offerings beyond children and families to include people with the ones they love, with or without children. I even hope to incorporate some of the ideas when I photograph individuals for profile photos. I truly would enjoy the opportunity to share this experience with my friends and clients. If you know someone celebrating an anniversary, long term relationship, engagement or simply wants to recognize someone they love, please contact me. I can be reached by phone at 415. 518. 8880.

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Cherish This Day/ San Francisco Children Photographer

The Cherish This Day project continues at we roll into fall. This time of year always seems to move too fast. While at the pumpkin patch this week I photographed families to help support Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. I will post more on that soon.

I’m sharing a favorite image from that day. This adorable girl with her tiny sized cowgirl boots perched on a pumpkin made me pause to enjoy the moment. I recently noticed how I feel like I am always running and dashing places. Like there is never enough time. Children move through this world with such confidence and grace, like they know there is all the time available to them that is needed in a day. I love how the Cherish This Day project has helped me stop to reflect on the little things and the simple things that are so important. Every day is a gift and every day is to be cherished. Today I might just make another trip to the pumpkin patch to giggle on a pumpkin in my very own pair of cowgirl boots : )

cherish this day/ san francisco children photographer

Please check out the work on the blog of some of my favorite lifestyle photographers HERE.

If you would like to schedule a session with a San Francisco Child Photographer or say HELLO, please contact me by clicking connect with me button below:

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12 Feelings: Alone

The 12 Feelings personal project continues this month with the emotion ALONE. It’s rare that I am alone for very long. My children are frequently by my side throughout the days and evenings when they aren’t in camp or school.

It was unique to experience some alone time recently while my children were at an event. I took advantage of this time and decided to make an attempt at capturing this emotion. I felt somewhat joyful, independent and free while at the same time longing, empty and ALONE.

I am so grateful to have found this project to experience and portray these emotions. To continue the circle, please follow my friend Cris to see her version of the emotion this month HERE.

12 feelings

My studio is currently scheduling session through the end of 2013. Please contact me if are interested in pricing information. Click on one of the links below to get in touch with me.


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On Location Photographer/ The P Family

So excited to share this session with the P Family! We had a blast together playing in the field, grass and redwood grove. Being an on location photographer is awesome for keeping me spontaneous. I am constantly searching for beautiful light and interesting backdrops for my clients. Since most of my clients choose to display my photographic art in their homes, I want their family to look their best for their portraits. This family looks amazing in all the location spots we chose!

on location photographer

on location photographer menlo park

menlo park family portrait photographer

portola valley on location photographer

menlo park children photographer

menlo park portrait photographer

portola valley portrait photographer

on location photographer

I am now booking through the end of 2013. Please contact me at 415. 518. 8880 to get pricing and scheduling information. I look forward to helping you tell your family’s story!


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Menlo Park Photographer/The B Family

My, oh my, what an amazing time was had with this fabulous family of four! As a Menlo Park Photographer, I frequently travel to families’ homes to photograph them. It’s so neat to get an inner glimpse of the private lives of my clients. It is super helpful when designing a session to know how my clients see the world through the environment they create in their homes. I believe it’s important to provide images that serve as photographic doors back to moments and places in my clients’ lives, with their home being the epicenter of it all.

This family is chock full of creative genius. They each have individual strengths that are different but really compliment each other collectively.

I can’t express how delighted I was when the mom sent me her wardrobe choices in a beautiful format for each family member! You can see the wardrobe on my Pinterest page HERE.

We began the session at their home while they were hanging out listening to music and chillin’. After a quick visit to the kids’ bedrooms to see their favorite toys, then outfit changes, we hopped in the car to head over to the Woodside Store. On the way home we stopped to catch the end of day light.

san francisco family photographer

menlo park photographer

menlo park portrait photographerpalo alto children photographer

atherton children photographer

menlo park children photographer

woodside family photography

menlo park photographer

woodside family photographer

woodside family photographer

menlo park photographer


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Photographing Children 101 Class/Snap Happy

[caption id="attachment_1139" align="aligncenter" width="700"]snap happy workshop photo courtesy of Kate Bartow[/caption]Last month I hosted my first Photographing Children 101 Class in Portola Valley. As a fundraiser for our local elementary school, Las Lomitas, I offered up seats for a Snap Happy workshop. The idea for the class was to teach parents ways to quickly improve their photography skills no matter what camera they use. Whether using an iPhone, point and shoot or DSLR camera, my goal was to teach basics of photographing children that they could apply anytime, anywhere with any camera.

Here are a few photos from the night. Each attendee got to apply the new techniques during a quick photo shoot. They also got their turn behind the camera when I photographed them for an updated profile photo.

photographing children 101 class

photographing children 101 class

photographing children 101 class

photographing children 101 class

Snap Happy is a great idea for playgroups! If you are interested in hosting a Snap Happy class in your home for your friends and family, your seat is complimentary. Please contact me for details. I can be reached at 415. 518. 8880


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San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer/ Cherish This Day

Featuring favorite sessions is one of my favorite parts of my job as a San Francisco Bay Area family photographer! Through the Cherish This Day project, I am able to come together with a collective of other like-minded photographers each month. For July we are sharing a new favorite image.

I am fortunate to get the opportunity to document everyday moments of the families that commission me. It’s a joy to see the bond between siblings and parents. These two boys, ages 6 and 12, were super fun to photograph. I was delighted to see them express their brotherly love in a playful way. More from this family session next week…

Visit CHERISH THIS DAY to see my friends’ favorite images.

San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

To document your family’s everyday moments get in touch with me to schedule a session or get more information. I can be reached at 415. 518. 8880. I would be delighted to answer any questions you have.


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Los Altos Newborn Photographer-IZZY!

Lucky me! I got to photograph this cutie pie for his 3 month milestone. Izzy is a delight to photograph! He is always happy and full of smiles. As a Los Altos newborn photographer, it is neat to have the opportunity to see children as they grow. It’s extra special to see them grow from birth.

los altos newborn photographer

los altos newborn photographer

los altos newborn photographer

los altos baby photographer

los altos family photographer

los altos family photographer

los altos children photographer

los altos baby photographer

I am currently booking sessions through the end of 2013. If you are interested in scheduling a session please get in touch soon. Weekend spots will fill up fast! Call today at 415. 518. 8880.


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Woodside Newborn Photographer/Cameron

I adore being a Woodside newborn photographer! Getting the opportunity to document the joyous moments in a family’s life is a privilege.

This family has been in front of my camera several times over the past couple of years and it’s been super fun watching the children grow. Their latest addition to the family is Cameron. He is such a sweetheart. At a mere nine days old, he was alert and curious about his new world. Cameron is lucky to have two big brothers to show him the ropes. I predict he will never have a shortage of entertainment and adventures.

woodside newborn photographer








Know someone who is expecting? Looking for the perfect shower or baby gift? I now offer registries for photography collections. Contact me to find out more info at 415. 518. 8880.


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San Francisco Family Photographer/LOVE

Today is a big day for our country. The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down DOMA and Prop 8 gives us reason to celebrate. It means we can recognize gay marriage as MARRIAGE. Just that, nothing more, nothing less. Simply marriage, like any other, based on LOVE. As a San Francisco Family Photographer, I get to meet lots of amazing people that commission me to capture their love for one another. This is an honor and privilege for me.

These two moms, who I am proud to call my friends, must be pretty happy today since their marriage is now recognized for what it is…marriage. End of story.

menlo park family photographer

menlo park family photographer

san francisco family photographer

san francisco family photographer

san francisco family photographer

san francisco family photographer

san francisco family photographer

To book your custom photography session, please contact me below. I am now booking through the end of 2013.


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