Still Beloved after 70 years – Redwood City Anniversary Session

Still Beloved after 70 years – Redwood City Anniversary Session

Oh, I had so much fun photographing this wonderful couple in Redwood City recently!

The occasion was that they were celebrating their 90th birthdays and 70th wedding anniversary. Can you believe that? 70 years together! What lifetime of shared memories, experience and wisdom this couple have between them.

We spent the afternoon on their front porch, where I listened to them recounting how they met as babies and fell in love in high school. I guess some things are just meant to be.

With seniors, who are often used to a more formal/posed style of photography, getting them comfortable and relaxed is the key to eliciting those amazing, heartfelt expressions. This is a time when my Beloved Certification became really valuable, as I was able to invite them into a more authentically playful space with games and suggestions. I think the first image says it all. How amazing to still have this kind of love and connection after 70 years!


elderly couple sitting on porch during a san francisco family portrait sessionanna-dobrenski-san-francisco-family-photographer_0793


anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0760 anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0761

I enjoyed looking around their home at the neatly-ordered fine china and the old pictures on the wall. I had to capture this photograph from their wedding all those years ago. What a good looking couple they were even then.

anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0762 anna-dobrensk-menlo-park-family-photographer_0763



Capturing real emotions and what it feels like to be in your life right now is always my focus in all my sessions. Using Beloved and taking a more relaxed and casual approach to photography, I am able to build a fast friendship with my clients that comes through in the final images they see.

Anna Dobrenski Photography is a boutique studio specializing in lifestyle portraits for families. ┬áIf you are looking to capture heartfelt authentic images of your family – young and old – in the San Francisco Bay Area,
please contact me at 415. 518. 8880.




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Joyful Family Photo Sessions

Joyful family photo sessions do not take a lot of effort or planning. When I meet with my clients for their pre-session consultation we talk about some ways to keep the session flowing. To ensure everyone is happy we keep it light and fun. I find most families play in the privacy of their homes but not necessarily in public. I encourage parents to be silly and play with their kids like no one is watching.

This family is special to me as they are my friends. I’m lucky to have known these children since they were small. They had such delight chasing each other and playing with the balloons. They even did the chicken dance in the field! Love these guys!

family having fun in field during photo session

family sitting under tree during their family portrait photo session

couple connecting during their beloved photo session

kids hanging in trees during their photo session in a field

children eavesdropping on parents during their family photo session

mom with kids and balloons during their family photography session

young girl running with balloons

family stacked together during their photo session

This year I continue to accept a limited number of commissions each month. If you would like to schedule a joyful family photo session please contact me early to get the perfect date. I can be contacted at 415. 518. 8880 to schedule or get more information. I would love to help you tell the story of your family!


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BELOVED/ San Francisco Photographer

A while ago I promised I would tell you more about BELOVED. When I first met Jesh De Rox at a talk in June, I knew that BELOVED was the direction I wanted to take my photography. I was doing bits and pieces on my own but now I had direction and actual support for the technique. I was blown away by the impact BELOVED could have on my photography.

What is BELOVED you ask? It is an emerging style of photography that celebrates and emphasizes the importance of relationships in a unique way. It blends the beauty of portrait photography with the authenticity of photojournalism.

I’ve always wanted to show authenticity and real moments between people that I photograph. I used to say, “Why photograph people who look like they are happy? Why not photograph happy people?” This technique helps achieve natural expressions and interaction between people in love. It’s playful, it’s connection, it’s powerful, it’s deep, it’s understanding and it’s encompassed with love.

In June I did not hesitate at the opportunity to learn more about BELOVED through an online training course and signed up to attend the annual conference. After completing my training and doing a BELOVED session as part of the course requirement I was hooked. You can see my BELOVED session HERE. Seeing Morgan and Will so joyful and full of love was wonderful. It was a gift for them to take time to be together and I was lucky to be a part of their togetherness.

Here is the feedback Morgan posted on her Facebook feed after our session, “Just had the BEST engagement session with Anna Morgan Dobrenski!! Thank you- you made us feel so comfortable- made us laugh- and made us fall in love all over again. We can’t wait to see the pics! – feeling excited with Anna Morgan Dobrenski”

The conference in October was a whirlwind, it started with a 3/4 day of the BELOVED conference. There was an opportunity to apply for certification in front of live judges in a two part assessment: theory and practical. The theory was sharing my understanding of the technique. I felt really good about that part. The practical part was a photo shoot using the technique based on requirements from the judges. It was a bit of a wild ride, being thrown into a controlled situation with judges and an audience. Whew! I was relieved when it was over although I felt calm during the ten minutes I had with the volunteer model couple, fellow photographers and business partners, Angela and Drew. Here are a few favorites from my time with them.

beloved san francisco photographer

san francisco photographer

san francisco photographer

beloved san francisco photographer

Now that I am officially a certified BELOVED photographer I will be incorporating more of this technique into my photography and you’ll be hearing and seeing lots more about BELOVED. I will be expanding my offerings beyond children and families to include people with the ones they love, with or without children. I even hope to incorporate some of the ideas when I photograph individuals for profile photos. I truly would enjoy the opportunity to share this experience with my friends and clients. If you know someone celebrating an anniversary, long term relationship, engagement or simply wants to recognize someone they love, please contact me. I can be reached by phone at 415. 518. 8880.

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